Soil Association Milky Bar Hero

Jamie Sadler, Director of the charity, ‘East End Health’, has been given the accolade of Soil Association ‘Organic Hero’ in recognition of the time and energy he has spent encouraging and educating Newcastle communities to use organic and locally grown sustainable produce.

At 29 years old, Jamie has already managed to set up the ‘Organic Milk Bar’ scheme in Newcastle’s primary schools. This ensures that 3000 primary school children, who live in one of the most deprived areas of the UK, receive a free bottle of locally produced organic milk every day of their school lives.

Jamie said: “I wanted the milk to be organic and produced locally because it is better for children’s health and supports local food producers. The project also gave me an opportunity to start educating people about organic principles. Most importantly of all, it enabled me to get Newcastle Local Authority School Meals Service and Healthy Schools initiative to start thinking about the benefits of using locally produced organic foods in schools and other publicly funded institutions.”

Jamie’s work has gone from strength to strength and now his organisation, East End Health, positively affects the health of thousands of children across Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Jamie was inspired by the Soil Association’s Food for Life Partnership and the work they have done to improve every aspect of food in schools.

” It is without doubt the most exciting and innovative approach to improving the diets of thousands of children across England,” he said. “It’s great news to hear they think of me as an ‘Organic Hero’.”


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